About GALE Pacific

GALE Pacific was started by a hard-working family that turned a small woven scarf business into the world’s first knitted shade fabric business. What began from a single weaving loom grew to one of the largest and most innovative manufacturers of technical fabrics and value- added products in the world. Publicly traded on the ASX, the company, and its Board of Directors, operate under the highest standards of corporate governance.

The largest and most innovative manufacturers of technical fabrics and value-added products in the world

We've continued to develop and bring products to market based on the foundation of our business, which is fabric. We manufacture knitted shade fabrics as well as a broad line of coated fabrics, all with the underlying value of providing protection. Whether protecting people from the sun, grains from harsh weather conditions, or keeping water safely contained, GALE Pacific fabrics and products are produced in the highest of quality, and with the safety of our customers at the forefront.

Faced with the COVID 19 pandemic we’ve pivoted our business to focus on bringing products to market to address growing global public needs. Under the newly created GALE GUARD™ brand we’ve launched the GALE GUARD Reusable Face Mask with Antimicrobial Treated Fabric, and we’ll continue to innovate and bring additional high demand products to the globe under this brand. One thing is certain, GALE GUARD branded products will be of the same quality and safety standards as everything else we bring to market.

The GALE Pacific Ltd. corporate Head Office is located in Melbourne Australia. Our manufacturing operations operate across Melbourne Australia, Asia & the USA. Global Sales and Marketing divisions are present in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and the United States and throughout Europe. Other GALE Pacific brands include Coolaroo™, Zone™ Interiors, and GALE Pacific Commercial Fabrics.