Built-in Neck Strap

The ultimate in convenience.  The mask simply hangs around your neck when not in use.  Truly hands-free wear keeps your mask off unclean surfaces when taking breaks throughout the day.

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Liquid-Repellant, Antimicrobial Treated Fabric

The outer fabric on the mask repels liquids, is treated to prevent the growth of bacteria on the mask, and creates a hydrophobic barrier around the exterior of the mask.

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All-Day Comfort

Our adjustable strap, nose clip and 3D shape means the mask is designed to comfortably form a secure fit around your face, and adjust to your perfect comfort level.

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Flexible Nose Clip

Our flexible nose clip helps conform the mask to your face and prevents your glasses from fogging.

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Reusable 30+ Times

Our masks are washable and reusable more than 30 times per mask. This means it's an environmentally friendly option as well as easy to keep the mask clean for each use.

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The GALE GUARD™ Reusable Face Mask

A 3-layer reusable face mask packed with functions and features designed to improve the mask wearing experience.

  • Liquid-Repellant, Antimicrobial Treated Outer Layer

    Outer layer repels liquids and droplets and is treated to prevent the growth of bacteria on the mask.

  • Particle Filtering Middle Layer

    Blocks the flow of particles and dust.

  • Cotton Inner Layer

    Blended cotton interior is soft to the touch and comfortable for extended wear.

  • Washable & Reusable

    Environmentally friendly alternative to disposable masks – wash 30+ times without impacting performance

  • Built-in neck strap

    Built-in mask lanyard allows you to keep your mask around your neck for breaks throughout the day.


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How many layers is the mask?

The GALE GUARD mask features three high performing layers:

-A liquid repellent outer layer

- A particle filtering middle layer

-And a comfortable cotton inner layer

Is your mask FDA certified?

No, our mask is not intended for medical use so it’s not necessary.

Is your mask suitable for medical or healthcare use?

No, the GALE GUARD mask is not intended to be a medical device and not to be used by healthcare professionals, in medical or surgical settings where significant exposure to liquid, bodily, or other hazardous fluids may be expected, in clinical or healthcare settings where the infection risk is high, or in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas.

Is the neck strap detachable?

No, the neck strap can not be removed unless cut with scissors. However, that would also impact the functionality of the ear loops and secure fit design.

What is your filter layer made from?

The middle filtering layers is constructed from a polypropylene non-woven